Best Salmon Fishing Lures That Won’t Let You Down


Salmon is one of many popular game fish. In terms of how you feel when you catch one, it’s right up there with trout.

The salmon is actually a migratory fish, and it can be found along the North Atlantic coast. You can also find salmon in the Great lakes and Pacific coast. Born in freshwater, salmon can spawn only in freshwater.

The gear that is best for salmon fishing really depends on the region you’re fishing in. While you can get better results using lures designed to be used in a specific region, you can still get great results using a general set of lures.trout 2

Spinnerbait and Spinners

A great lure that you can use to catch some salmon is called a spinner, which might also be called a spinnerbait.

There are several different designs among the spinner lure category, but they all share a common characteristic. They all have shiny metal blades that spin through the water. As you reel the lure in, the blades spin and disrupt the water.

The purpose of the spinner is to mimic the bait fish that salmon eat. This is important because it tricks the salmon into thinking the spinner is real food. The spinner is even effective in murky water.

Silver Spoons

If you want to catch some salmon, you can use silver spoons, which are highly effective for both Coho and Chinook species. A spoon lure is basically an oblong, concave oval that is attached to a hook.

In most cases, the actual spoon is made from painted or reflective material. The spoon is made to mimic bait fish, but it’s also made to mimic random fluttering movements.

It makes these movements as it’s reeled in through the water. Spoons happen to be very effective for downrigger fishing and trolling.

The best spoon lures will provide active fluttering movements, which works well for attracting salmon. To get more fluttering action, you can gently bend the spoon and increase the concave’s angle.

Cut, Wobbling and Solid Plugs

Another lure you can use when trying to reel in some salmon is the plug. The wobbling variety of salmon happens to be especially effective.

These rigid, solid lures usually have many hooks, and they’re painted with reflective paint, which helps them to resemble fish. Wobbling plugs are two different pieces that are connected with a hinge.

The purpose of the hinge is to allow them to flutter as they’re reeled in. This creates vibrations and attracts attention. The cut-plug is another type of lure that works well for salmon. In fact, it’s used almost exclusively for fishing salmon in the Pacific coast waters and Great Lakes.

Choose the Right Color

Regardless of the specific type of lure that you choose, it’s crucial to choose the right color. At a depth of 50 feet, virtually any color is acceptable for use in catching salmon.

However, when fishing in deeper waters, you’ll want to go with purples, blues and greens. Glow and ultra-violet lures also work well for deep waters. When fishing for King salmon, you’ll want to stick with white lures.

Catching Coho Salmon

If you’re fishing in the Northwest, you’ll want to try the Coho salmon. From Bristol Bay, Alaska to Northern California, most streams and rivers have plenty of Coho, also known as silver salmon.

A typical Coho can weigh 6 to 14 pounds. However, some can weigh over 25 pounds. In fact, there are some rivers that are known for their excessively aggressive Coho.

Top Lures for Catching Coho Salmon

Mepps spinners work well for these fish. Since Mepps offers an incredibly wide selection of colors, they have a great track record.

The large blades on these lures help to trigger huge bites! These lures have heavy bodies, so they sink very quickly, which is important to penetrate the fast currents of rivers in the Northwest. Another top lure is Brad’s wiggler. The Brad’s wiggler is very similar to the original Wiggle Wart.

It has great color patterns that are perfect for catching steelhead and salmon. Another lure you can use is flash glo squid spinners.

For many years, anglers have been adding squid skirts to spinners. This lure features a classic spinner design, and it has beautiful painted blades with a plastic squid skirt. It’s a great lure for large and aggressive Silvers.

One of the last lures recommended for catching some good salmon is kwikfish. Most anglers would consider this lure to be synonymous with salmon fishing.

Every season, anglers catch boatloads of salmon with this lure. It doesn’t really matter where your boat is anchored – this lure is going to net you some salmon! These are some of the best salmon fishing lures that you can use. There is a lure for silver, king, Chinook and sockeye salmon.