Best Fishing Lures For Trout That Really Work


Trout are one of the most sought-after game fish on the planet. Not only are they beautiful – they’re also tasty! Trout are also known for putting up a fight!

If you want to go home with a lot of trout, you’ll want to make sure you’re using the best fishing lures. In this article, you’ll discover a few of the most popular trout lures used by experts.

The problem is that there are, in many cases; hundreds of different lures to choose from, so beginner and even intermediate anglers have trouble choosing time-tested lures for trout. Let’s take a look at some of the best.

Mepps Aglia Long

This is a silver colored lure, and it weighs about ½ oz. Many anglers have been using this lure for decades, and it always seems to catch plenty of trout. Some say this lure can catch almost anything!

This lure works great with a spinner and three-way swivel rig. You can tie your main line to one eye and connect a 4-foot leader to the lure using the second eye. Add a sinker to the second leader on the third eye and you’re ready to go.

Panther Martin

This lure is actually a spinner. It rarely ever comes off, and it’s a great lure for targeting trout in a new location. It’s one of the first lures that you would want to try before using your usual setup.

Some would say that it’s the best trout lure ever made. It uses a through-the-blade spinner design, which is highly effective. Large blades move plenty of water, and you can actually feel the thump of the spinner moving through the water. You can actually feel the lure working its magic.

It has a compact design, so it provides an incredible casting radius. Its design also allows it to work well in streams. You can troll this lure without having to add weight. Aside from trout, it can be used to catch a wide range of fish. It’s also quite cheap.

Rapala Original Floater

Here is an excellent lure for trout. This lure can be used to catch almost ANY fish, but it’s just slightly less effective for trout when compared with some other lures.

However, it’s still an EXCELLENT lure. This is a lightweight lure and can be casted easily using a light trout setup. When you’re retrieving this lure, you’ll want to reel at a constant speed and twitch the rod tip in the direction of the lure, which will create some slack in the line.

By doing this, you’re causing the Rapala to pause and temporarily hang. The pause is what draws a trailing trout into taking action with a bite. You can also use this lure effectively on the end of a trolling setup.

Wooly Bugger

For many expert anglers, this lure is a must have. While it’s primarily viewed as part of fly fishing lures for trout, it can also be used with spinning gear, but you will need to put forth a bit more effort to get it rigged.

When this lure is rigged correctly, you can expect to catch some good trout with it. Just attach a clear casting bobber above the fly. The bobber serves two purposes; first, it’s a strike indicator, and second, it’s a weight.

The bobber should be attached about three feet from the fly. By attaching the bobber further away from the fly, you’re making your presentation look far more natural to the trout.

Berkley’s Power Bait

Here is another one of the best fishing lures for trout. A lot of anglers swear by Power Bait while others find it to be somewhat inconsistent. It really just depends on the fish.

Some days, the trout really go for it, and on other days, they won’t have any part of it. The good news is that it’s a cheap lure, and it’s very easy to use. It will give you a fighting chance to catch some trout.

Meal Worms

When it comes to lures for trout fishing, meal worms can be VERY effective. They’re a lot like Power Bait. They work incredibly well on some days but don’t produce terribly consistent results. It’s not a bad idea to use a combination of Power Bait and meal worms. It just depends on your preference.


One of the best lures that you can use for trout is spinners. You can buy these lures very cheaply, and they can work very well for catching trout.

Since they’re fairly heavy, they can be casted well over long distances. They also have no trouble traveling through the wind. Another great thing about spinners is that they’re easily manipulated on the retrieval, which helps you to present them well for expected or just-seen trout.

Leland’s Trout Magnets

Here is a lure that isn’t discussed very often. However, that doesn’t mean that trout magnets aren’t effective. These lures are basically jigs that are geared towards the size of the trout.

Trout magnets are known to cast very well and can be purchased in many different colors. They’re also very inexpensive, so you can buy plenty of them to test them out and see how they work for you.

While they’re great for trout, these magnets are also great for catching bass, bluegill and several other types of species.

The ABSOLUTE BEST Lure for Trout

Yep – we saved the best for last! If you were looking for the best lure for trout, go with the humble worm! You can use a huge night crawler from the garden or store.

There is no denying that trout absolutely love to gobble up worms. You can drift some pieces of night crawler or half of a garden worm, and you’re almost guaranteed to get plenty of bites.